The purpose of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Research Cooperative (OBHRC) is to administer and Adventure Therapy Book For Saledeliver an active, comprehensive research program on outdoor behavioral healthcare programs operating in North America. OBHRC research began in 1999 under the direction of Dr Keith Russell with a major study of four wilderness therapy programs and has grown to include seven active research scientists, over 200 research studies, and the collaboration on several studies and publications. The current strategic plan of OBHRC is to:

• conduct multiple ongoing research projects on OBHRC issues,

• increase accessibility to wilderness & adventure therapy research, and

• inform the public and professionals outside of OBHIC on the true value of wilderness and adventure therapy.

The OBHRC research agenda is guided by a steering committee of representatives from member programs and research scientists from independent organizations and universities across the North America. The OBHRC Steering Committee reviews all proposals and publications, and provides feedback and guidance as needed. For a list of available publications, please see the publications section.

The OBHRC is currently directed by Dr. Michael Gass and located in the Department of Kinesiology in the College of Health & Human Services at University of New Hampshire.


University Of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Hall

124 Main Street

Durham, NH 03824



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Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Research Cooperative (OBHRC)

Providing Research and Evaluation for Wilderness & Adventure Therapy Programs since 1999.